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Virtual Patient development tools will be certified to be conformant with the base specification. Initially certification will cover export only.

To receive export certification, tools must adhere to the following:

  • Cases authored using the tool must validate against the MVP schemas.
  • Exported MVP packages must pass the conformance test suite in SCORM 2004 4th edition.
  • The authoring tool must be capable of using and exporting media files.
  • Exported cases must include at least one element within the virtualpatientdata.xml file that contains data. 
  • Exported cases must contain at least one element withing the dataavailabilitymodel.xml file that contains a reference to data within the virtualpatientdata.xml file.
  • Any requirements not incorporated in the schemas may be included on a checklist, and exported packages must meet the requirements stipulated on the checklist.
  • Cases authored using the tool must validate against the validation tool available at: 
    Note that xsd files must be updated as indicated here. (need to write instructions). A list ofwhat the tools validates is available.

For the group to consider, if we develop a rest service or web based form for the tool, that will require sys admin support and will increase certification costs. 

See Certification application.

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