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Sharing a case from Clinical Practice with an Educational Institution  

In one of our local healthcare trusts the head of each surgical team selects one case every month to be their case of the month. The case is used to highlight some particular issue, problem or learning point that needs to be reviewed and shared with the whole team. Some of these case reviews could be suitable for use as Virtual Patients to codify lessons learnt and promote wider sharing of best practice. While a trust may be comfortable with sharing the content of a case (or many cases) with students in a partner educational institution the partner institution might not have the capability/resource to host its own Virtual Patients. In addition, while the educational partner will be very interested in metrics on student usage of the virtual patients the healthcare trust is unlikely to want to support such non-core activities. Add in multiple educational partners and XAPI presents itself as a potential solution.

In this scenario, as the learner plays through a virtual patient the host system can write the learners 'home' Learning Record System. In situations where both the healthcare trust and the educational institution are interested in the results, (perhaps a Basic Life Support/Resuscitation VP)  the host system can write entries to both Learning Record System's.  



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