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The following best practices should be integrated into an implementation guide.

  • Begin performance scales with 1 and reserve 0 for instances of no data. Flag not yet addressable and be sure to communicate our views on that in communications.
  • Recommend that framework developers make explicit what is meant by 0 if data indicating an individual's performance level is 0 is likely to be transmitted. Is the learner performing at a level below level 1 for that competency, or is the learner not yet at a point where she may be assessed (for example, not yet rotated on this topic)? Make recommendations.
  • A criterion that uses the words Or or And should be broken into two separate criteria if criterion-level tracking is desired.
  • Develop recommended list and guidance around what additional information to include in performance levels and components. How the information will be accessed and used is important.
  • For Indicator, we will need to clarify when to use which reference element – because now there are 3 ways to include a reference within an indicator!

Draft Guidelines are available:

Here is a rough outline of these draft implementation guidelines:

  1. Overview and relation to other standards
  2. Representing different types of frameworks
    1. representing milestones
    2. representing levels of an EPA
  3. Using languages other than English
  4. Referencing competency frameworks
  5. Number performance levels
  6. Best practices in designing your performance framework
  7. publishing your performance framework
  8. Schema locations
  9. Declaring imported schemas
  10. Adapting the schema to meet your requirements

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