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Performance level schema:
Performance criteria or milestones:



Frank JR, Snell LS, ten Cate O, et al. Competency-based medical education: theory to practice. Medical teacher. 2010;32(8):638-45. - Describes CBME and gives key definitions.

ten Cate O, Scheele F. Competency-based postgraduate training: can we bridge the gap between theory and clinical practice? Academic Medicine. 2007;82(6):542-7. - Definition and description of EPAs and STARs; contrast with competencies; no examples though.

Krackov SK, Pohl H. Building expertise using the deliberate practice curriculum-planning model. Medical Teacher 2011;33(7):570-5. - Mentions the role of milestones in curriculum planning.

Khan K, Ramachandran S. Conceptual framework for performance assessment: Competency, competence and performance in the context of assessments in healthcare - Deciphering the terminology. Medical teacher. 2012 Oct 8;Online early:1-9.

Performance Frameworks, Criteria, Milestones, and EPAs


Internal Medicine:

Competency/Performance-Based Assessment
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