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A resident is being evaluated in their Specialty, XYZ, on a particular Entrustable Professional Activity, called EPA1.

Their supervisor reviews the descriptions of novice, competent, and expert for EPA1 and assigns the learner a score of novice on the assessment of EPA1.

The resident meets with his program director to discuss his overall progress, and they review the EPA1 assessment.

The program director looks at the descriptions of different performance levels for EPA1 (novice, competent, expert). The program director looks at the competencies associated with EPA1, then looks at the learner's overall scores across the curriculum in those competencies. The program director notes the learner's difficulties in Competency A, which is associated with EPA1. The program director talks with the learner about the role of Competency A in EPA1, reviews the performance levels for Competency A with the learner, and together they develop a plan for improvement.

(Note: if both the EPA and the Performance Framework link to the Competency Framework being used, that will ultimately provide the link between the Performance Framework for the EPA and the Performance Framework for the Competency Framework.)

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