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The following suggestions are from Mary Jo Clark, University of San Diego

Slide 15: change the word “create”. We don’t create the numeric scales, but we allow for the use of an array of numeric scales created by the user.

Slide 16: Do you want to use the British English spelling “behavior” or the American English “behaviors”?

Slide 18: You use the word “define” three times in the first sentence. I would change to read :TIME has delineated 7 performance levels that define what might be expected of learners for any specific competency.”

Slide 19: The last sentence is confusing. The slide relates to “competency objects” but it is not clear what the relationship of competency objects is to “competencies, subcompetencies, and transition milestones” referenced in the last sentence. Are competency objects the same as subcompetencies?

Slide 20: The phrase “minimum acceptable score for a particular action” in the second sentence is somewhat misleading. It could imply a learner action when you are really talking about an action or decision on the part of the evaluator.

Also, I would change “demonstrate achievement to performance level 2” in the last sentence to “demonstrate achievement at or above performance level 2.”

Slide 21: Put “Additional Information” in quotes (and maybe bold it) to show it is a category within the standard.

Slide 22: Phrasing of the first sentence is awkward. I would change it to read, “In some cases, a performance level may have a range of scores, rather than a single score, associated with it.”

Slide 23: Change to read “the University of San Diego.” However, I am a little uncomfortable including this with our name on it, since it is no longer being used and we have a whole new system (similar to the medical milestones examples). I would be more comfortable indicating that it is an example of a performance framework used in an advanced practice nursing program and removing our name from the form and the narrative.

Slide 24: Do you want to add something about the ability to aggregate information to assess overall program evaluation to the benefits? should this slide be closer to the beginning of the presentation?


The following suggestions are from the Educational Achievement Working group:

  • Change Mastery to Expert on slide 3.
  • Make it more explicit that you are not picking one framework but providing a flexible way to encode the framework of your choice
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