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3:30 - 5:00 PM, Baltimore, MD

Attendees:       Peter Greene (Exec Director, Medbiquitous)

                        Michael J. Zarski (Chair) 
                        Stephanie Akens-Gunn, Kaiser Permanente

                        Rebecca Bodrero, Concurrent Technologies Corporation

                        Andrew Fawcett, Clinical Care Options

                        Annette V. Gippe, American Osteopathic Information Association*

                        Paul Jolly, AAMC*

                        Kirke Lawton, AAMC

                        Joseph O'Connor, ECFMG*

                        Bryan Pawlak, AOA*

                        Monica Quiroz, AMA*

                        John Scheuermann, Mayo Clinic

                        David Stumpf, United Healthcare Group

(star) indicates working group member.

Mike Zarski called the meeting to order at 3:30pm. Peter Greene reported that the Professional Profile standard was in the final public comment stage and that ANSI approval should occur in 1-2 months. He further reported that the working group should develop a process for maintaining and updating this standard. In addition, the working group should now focus on a communications plan to roll out once the standard is approved by ANSI. 

David Stumpf mentioned that Illinois has adopted a standard physician application form and asked if the professional profile standard allows for the recording of hospital privilege information. The standard currently does not allow for this information to be maintained. There is not currently a central repository of this information. Monica Quiroz mentioned that the AMA has looked at maintaining these data but that it was a huge undertaking and there are no plans to do this in the future. 

Bryan Pawlak mentioned that Implementation Guidelines were being developed by the working group.  

The issue of multiple identifiers was raised and the NPI was mentioned as a possible universal identifier. However, it was mentioned that the NPI can change. Paul Jolly mentioned the AAMC identifier that is assigned when a physician applies to take the MCAT. Kirke Lawton mentioned that the AAMC is looking at identifiers with the ECFMG, NBME and FSMB. These issues and other suggestions should be posted to the wiki. 

To date, the AOA and ABMS have implemented the professional profile. The AMA will be upgrading its system architecture in early 2009. The AAMC is re-engineering also.  However, they do not have a target date at this time.  The ECFMG and FSMB are also re-engineering their systems. 

Once the standard is adopted by ANSI, there will be a press release and also an announcement through the MedBiquitous newsletter.  The working group should put together a Communications Plan, based on a grid developed by Valerie Smothers.  Working group members are encouraged to create a list of target organizations online (wiki).  Suggestions made at the meeting included:

  • Professional organizations (national/state) and their various media
  • Software vendors
  •  CVOs
  • Other primary sources
  • Federal agencies
  • AHIP
  • Should be promoted to the ESAR-VHP jurisdictions and their software vendors 

The Communications Plan will be discussed at the June 18th conference call.

Potential documents to review - implementation guidelines, professional profile services spec

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