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Meeting Information


June 27, 2017



Attending: Amy Opalak, Chair; Prasad Chodavarapu, Editor; James Fiore, Purvi Maniar, Joyce Norwood, Brenda Ruff, Bill Sivrais, and Valerie Smothers 

Agenda Items

1 ABMS proposed changes

Adding a new enumeration value “Designation” to CertificateIssuanceOccurrence element.  
Adding new enumeration value “Converted” to CertificateIssuanceStatus element.

Purvi proposed adding Designation ad an enumerated value for CertificateIssuanceOccurrence.  The new value is different from initial and recertification.  It is given to physicians focusing practice in a specific area.  Amy asked if the designation was separate from a specific certificate, and Purvi replied that it’s tied to certificate.  She added ABIM and ABFM have been doing a pilot for five years.  Amy asked if the Designation gets reupped?  Purvi mentioned it could be continuous but depends on the program.  Prasad added it is associated with primary certificate now; he asked where do they intend to put the information.  Purvi noted it is currently tied to certification, under certificate issuance.  Amy wanted clarification on how designation is different from focus.  Purvi stated the only difference is the term used is recognition, you could use the same structure.  Valerie asked if the data model needed to change in a bigger way.  James commented it applies to certificate as sub-element, not new issuance.  Prasad added recognition was not tied to certificate issuance and is valid for a period of ten years as long as certificate is valid.  Purvi asked if certificate issuance of a designation could be added.  Brenda commented that focused practice is not considered a certificate.  James supported adding sub-element and questioned where will this be internally stored.  Purvi mentioned under certificate level, with designation tied to focused practice. 

A discussion followed on certificate duration and Purvi mentioned some boards track that.  Valerie suggested adding something else for recognition of focused practice.  Prasad suggested creating a separate data element for recognition.  James was unclear on why certificate duration would be used.  Purvi replied that the designation needs all the elements under certificate issuance.  Valerie questioned whether recognition of focus practice would be lifetime or continuous.  James didn’t think it should be tied to certificate.  Prasad suggested keeping it open and including all elements that certificate issuance has.  Valerie commented it would be helpful to see a mockup of the ideas for data model and having it as separate element.  Prasad agreed and added the need to have the same data elements for tracking purposes.  He volunteered to map that out and add new element called recognition.   

Prasad offered one option to use the same element and in certificate type, add recognition but Purvi noted it would not be tied to certificate type.  She liked the word Certificate Recognition as it uses same elements.  Valerie provided an example of a person with a time-limited certificate issuance with the person ending and renewing and still have recognition.  Amy suggested drawing up sample models for the different suggestions; one that uses existing ones with additional enumeration values and one using certificate of recognition.  Prasad offered to run that by ABIM for input.  James added it would be helpful to learn how ABIM handles it; there is a general need of understanding certificates and recognitions. 

Purvi supported certificate recognition.  James preferred it not be called certificate to avoid confusion in the general public.  He supported recognition issuance type.  Amy expressed concern about other boards not being represented on the call.  Valerie offered to contact Dongming about American Board of Pediatrics.  Valerie will reach out to her contacts at ABIM for further information.  Amy asked whether nursing was doing something similar.  Valerie noted she will be seeing Vicki Lundmark this Thursday to discuss concepts related to certification.  She will ask Vicki for the ANCC nursing perspective.  Valerie added duration will change, and lifetime will not be an option.  Once models are developed Prasad will send to the group for comments.  He suggested treating it as extensible right now and Purvi agreed and then change if needed.     

Adding a new enumeration value “Designation” to CertificateIssuanceOccurrence element.  


Adding new enumeration value “Converted” to CertificateIssuanceStatus element.

The Board issues new certificate when folks join MOC.  The old certificate issuance needs to be converted indicating no longer active.  Purvi added it is converted to new name and only active ones converted with the new value added to certificate issuance status.  Valerie mentioned renaming issue and suggested having other representation on that call and potentially other boards.  Joyce will provide information for AOA and forward to Tarang and Eunice.

2 AAMC proposed change

Change EducationStatus from enumerated list to recommended list
(Note from Toby: may want to consider accomodating vocabularies)

See full email describing changes.




Action Items

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