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Professional Profile Working Group

Attending: Amy Opalak, Chair; Prasad Chodavarapu, Editor; James Fiore, Shantal Hall, Vicki Lundmark, Purvi Maniar, Brenda Ruff, Bill Sivrais, Valerie Smothers, and John Whiton

1 Minutes

The minutes were accepted as submitted

2 Codes – Revised section of XSD - see email from Prasad

James was curious to see if Purvi agreed with Prasad’s draft.  Purvi mentioned they worked on it together. She is comfortable as long as status type for recognition includes the same values as certificate status.  Prasad commented that a lapse did not make sense to him. Purvi replied that if the certification lapses, the recognition value could also be lapsed.

Purvi continued the discussion of recognition of focus and its relationship to certification.  Prasad asked if the additional designation a physician can gain is tied to a general certificate.  Purvi explained recognition could have its own separate container rather than including in with certificate.  Prasad provided an example: in Family Medicine, diplomates are able to use experience in the hospital to gain hospital medicine recognition, but it is not a certificate on its own.   Shantal noted typically certificate and recognition are together, not separate.  Brenda added they received applications from four other boards, and she will try to set a standard based on pilot participation. 

Amy expressed minor concern about the word recognition as we use that term to identify entities that recognize certifying bodies.  She asked if there was another term to use instead.  Purvi thought Focused Practice was too restrictive to one recognition.  Prasad noted there are other types of recognition programs.  Amy was also concerned this particular type is not well defined right now and there could be other qualifications to put into certificate info section.  Amy suggested qualification agency.  Valerie suggested review organization or recognizing organization. James commented recognition is broad enough to use for other things than focused practice.  Amy recapped the decision to keep recognition for focus practice and think of words to rename the organization recognizing the certifying body. 

Valerie clarified the name of the element is recognition; the type is recognition issuance.  Prasad noted certificate has parent element, has issuance, but no other level.  Type and issuance are together.  Valerie asked if you would ever track different, multiple issuances of recognition of focus practice in hospital medicine for a single individual.   Prasad explained every three years there is a start and end date, two recognition elements with type being hospital medicine, focus practice but in different periods.  Purvi added they need word recognition as a type.  Valerie clarified that Purvi was asking for a recognition vocabulary type that includes a value of designation.  Recognition type will always be designation.  Prasad asked if designation is appropriate or should it be focused practice?  Purvi replied that they need a broader term.  Amy offered designation as a broader term; ABMS has approved designation.  Valerie asked about the relationship between recognition verses designation.  Purvi mentioned they added recognition type as a placeholder; if they had different types of recognition, they could add more values to it. 


Valerie suggested having a free text field that allows for the use of custom vocabularies. That would enable ABMS to create their own vocabulary and provide flexibility for other models.  Otherwise, there is no room for change without modifying the standard.  Purvi agreed.  Prasad asked if issuance name and issuance type is necessary.  Amy requested name.

James clarified an example of recognition type value for ABMS boards will be designation for recognition type; recognition name will be focused practice in hospital medicine.  Prasad commented if boards want to indicate focused practice, the name could include other details.  James added there needs to be agreement among member boards how to specify the schema further.  Prasad suggested putting back suspended not suspended and revoked in the status vocabulary. 

Prasad will send the XSD to the group for comment.  Valerie will make the edits discussed and put into the specification document.  She suggested running changes by the AOA and other boards submitting recognition applications.  Valerie will send a note to Tarang for the AOA perspective.  Purvi asked if she could communicate to clients about using these elements.  Amy suggested asking boards for objections by a certain date and the group agreed. 

Action Items

  • Prasad will update and share the member schema for comment.
  • Valerie will edit the specification and request feedback from AOA and others.
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