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From CEDS v7 request for comment 

Element Name


Valid Values

Cohort Exclusion

Those persons who may be removed (deleted) from a cohort (or subcohort). For the Graduation Rates and Fall Enrollment retention rate reporting, persons may be removed from a cohort if they left the institution for one of the following reasons: death or total and permanent disability; service in the armed forces (including those called to active duty); service with a foreign aid service of the federal government, such as the Peace Corps; or service on official church missions.

01 - Death

02 - Total and permanent disability

03 - Service in the armed forces

04 - Service with a foreign aid service of the federal government

05 - Service on official church missions

Postsecondary Exit or Withdrawal Type

The circumstances under which the student exited from enrollment in a postsecondary institution.



Approved Leave of Absence

Transfer-out Indicator

An indicator of whether the student has transferred to another institution.



Postsecondary Enrollment Status

An indication of the student's enrollment status for a particular term as defined by the institution.

01 - Full-time

02 - Less than full-time but at least half-time

03 - Less than half-time

04 - Less than full-time but at least three quarter-time

5 - Less than three quarter-time but at least half-time

Program Participation Status

The current status of the student's program participation.

Referred - Referred to program

Eligible - Eligible for program

NotEligible - Not eligible for program

Active - Active in program

Exited - Exited program

Withdrew - Withdrew/refused program

Other – Other

Work-based Learning Opportunity Type

The type of work-based learning opportunity a student participated in.

Apprenticeship - Apprenticeship

ClinicalWork - Clinical work experience

CooperativeEducation - Cooperative education

JobShadowing - Job shadowing

Mentorship - Mentorship

NonPaidInternship - Non-Paid Internship

OnTheJob - On-the-Job

PaidInternship - Paid internship

ServiceLearning - Service learning

SupervisedAgricultural - Supervised agricultural experience

UnpaidInternship - Unpaid internship

Other - Other

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