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Please share the proposed changes for the Sep 3 call here.


Healthcare Professional Profile - ABMS Proposed changes.docx


OrganizationStatus Term UsedDefinitionBroader TermNarrower Term(s)Used in Element(s)
ECFMGCertifiedPhysician has met the requirements for certification and been issued an ECFMG Certificate.  CertificationStatus
ECFMGNot CertifiedPhysician is not currently certified by ECFMG, either because they have not yet completed the requirements or becuase their prior certification has been suspended or revoked. Revoked, SuspendedCertificationStatus
ECFMGRevokedPhysician's ECFMG certificate has been revoked.Not Certified CertificationStatus
ECFMGSuspendedPhysician's ECFMG certificate has been suspended for a period of time (see CertificationStatusValidUntilDate for end date of suspension).Not Certified CertificationStatus

 See ABMS Status definitions revised

See proposed definitions.


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