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Title: Exchanging Credentials and Professional Data Using the Healthcare Professional Profile


  • Free registration
  • Limited space (50 people total, including wg members and staff)
  • Teleconference
  • Powerpoint for download
  • If a member would like to led web conferencing capability, much appreciated.

Key points

  • What is the professional profile, and how does it make credentialing faster and easier?
  • How is it used
  • Who should use it
  • Who is using it
  • How can I get started using it
  • What if I have questions
  • About MedBiquitous
  • About working group


I.  Introductions

II.  What is the professional profile

  • XML standard for profile data
  • Scope
  • Benefits
  • Interaction - Ask for questions from the audience

III.  How is it used

  • Interaction - ask a few participants to share how they are thinking of using
  • Data collection
  • Data distribution
  • Credentials verification
  • Within other standards

IV.  Who should use it

  • Organizations with primary source equivalent data
  • Organizations that collect credentials data
  • Organizations that need to verify credentials data
  • Developers that offer credentialing software and services

V.  Who is using it

  • American Board of Medical Specialties
  • Medical certifying boards
  • American Osteopathic Association
  • Federation of State Medical Boards
  • American Academy of Pediatrics
  • HighWire Press
  • CECity

VI.  How can I get started using it

  • Download the implementation toolkit
  • Compare what's in the standard to the dataset you need to exchange (gap analysis)
  • Map standard to your database and research import export options
  • Restrict the standard further to meet your own needs (required data, restrictions on length or content)
  • Send standard and requirements to data partners
  • Or just obtain a tool that supports the standard
  • Interaction - ask for questions, lessons learned from implementers

VII.  What if I have questions

  • Implementation forums
  • Working group feedback

VIII.  About MedBiquitous

  • Started by Johns Hopkins Medicine and professional medical societies
  • ANSI-accredited standards developer

IX.  About working group

  • Chair - Mike Zarki
  • Working group members

X.   Open discussion

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