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(circulated by email April 10, 2014)

We have drafted new data models related to telephone numbers for the group to review.

Proposed Datatypes for telephone numbers (see image below)  

This stems from our discussion on the last call related to appropriately representing ITU telephone number restrictions as an option in a new data model. Here is the snippet from the minutes:

The group questioned the use of the integer datatype, citing integer length requirements and the inability to support leading zeros. Phone numbers are allowed to have leading zeros. Valerie agreed to investigate how to accommodate leading zeros in national phone numbers. Prasad recommended creating a string-based regular expression with a maximum length of 14 and only numbers 0-9 permitted. Amy commented that no country codes begin with 0. She offered to double check. Scott commented that it may be a best practice to use strings for numeric ids.

Prasad made the following updates for our review:

  • Updated the CountryCode to allow up to 3 digits.
  • Updated the NationalPhoneNumber to be 1-14 digits in length and allow leading zeros.

Many thanks to Prasad for drafting these updates for our consideration!

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