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  • 2014-10-28
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Meeting information


October 28, 2014

11 EDT/10 CDT/9 MDT/8 PDT


Attending: Amy Opalek, Prasad Chowdavarpu, Editor; Len Armstrong, Barbara Benstead, Erek Horne, Purvi Maniar, Alex Minkofsky, Kate Reilly, Tarang Shah, Cyndi Streun, Tricia Thomas. 

Agenda Items

1. Review minutes of 9/25

The minutes were accepted as submitted. 

2. Continuing discussion of CertificationInfo

Certification statuses (see proposal)

Valerie circulated proposed vocabularies for CertificationStatus, CertificateStatus, and CertificateIssuanceStatus.  The proposed vocabulary for certificate issuance was very specific, whereas the proposed vocabulary for CertificationStatus and CertificateStatus would allow the values certified and not certified.  Purvi agreed with the changes.  Prasad recommended making the change and showing it to the group. The group approved the revised vocabularies. Amy asked that the group work to draft generic definitions for the next call. 

Amy mentioned the group would move ahead with the revised list of terms and Valerie and Prasad would update the schema and specification.  Valerie will draft definitions for the group to consider making them more generic and applicable to health professional organizations granting certification.  

3. Review of DisciplinaryInfo

Amy explained that the proposal represented requests from the FSMB which she, Cyndi, Valerie, and Prasad had reviewed.  She and Prasad walked the group through the document. Change one moved the location of the code attribute from DisciplinaryEntityName up to DisciplinaryEntity and added a DisciplinaryEntityShortName sub-element for disciplinary entity.    Amy asked if there were other places where abbreviations were used and Valerie couldn’t think of any and noted they could have restrictions on characters in an abbreviation if the group requested.  Change 2 concerned DisciplinaryInfo/BoardOrder and adding two new sub-elements Bases and Basis.  Prasad commented the description type is used in a number of places.  Valerie added one of the reasons to pull code out is so we can apply common attributes and see the source of this code.  Change 3 DisciplinaryInfo/BoardOrder allows for multiple actions in a board order.  Change 4 adds a code attribute on both NoticeDescription and ActionDescription.   Cyndi mentioned the importance of code to the community.  External entities only care about actions that affect physician license.  Change 5 is adding an indicator as to whether an action is prejudicial and category. Prasad added the code attribute was removed.  Change 6 allows for multiple appeals within BoardAction.  Cyndi added the action can be appealed or the board order can be appealed based on how it was coded.  The data capture is coded by individual entities; within FSMB it is all done within their staff.  Prasad mentioned board order can still have appeals and have actions that can have appeals too.  Change 7 allows null value for license number.  Change 8 related to putting notices under licensure info.  Cyndi realized notices were not part of board order, but licensure info.  Amy provided the example of a notice that was not disciplinary in nature; if somebody lost license or had a name change.  Prasad added also if somebody is deceased.  Valerie will create an updated proposed specification for review by the group.   Prasad will include vocabulary types and certificate and license changes.  Valerie thanked Cyndi, Amy and Prasad for their hard work on the specification. Cyndi expressed appreciation for help she received from Valerie, Amy and Prasad to bring it up to the current standard.  Amy thought it added flexibility and makes more sense now.  Valerie wondered if this specification could also work for Nursing.  Tricia commented she is not a data person but she has been in contact with Joan Stanley this morning to ensure we have strong representation.  She added there is nothing in the mapping that is not congruent with what they do in nursing.  She reviewed the definitions and they made sense to her.  Valerie mentioned if there is an entity that brings together licensure data for nursing please let her know. 

The new participants on the call briefly introduced themselves, Erek Horne is the IT project manager and Barbara Benstead are from the product development side of AMA. Kate Reilly is from Data Commons and is the Director of Operations. 

Amy asked Valerie about holding joint meetings with the Activity Report Working Group.  Valerie mentioned we need to find a time that work for all chairs.  We will have part of the next call dedicated to the Professional Profile group and then receive updates from the Activity Report group.  The reasons for holding joint meetings are the crossover in membership and the closely related nature of the specifications.  Activity report is used for tracking activities related to certification and MOC, continuing education, performance improvement and self-assessment.  The agenda will reflect work from both groups; however the Activity Report likely won’t be as long as the portion for Professional Profile.  We will inform the group if the call schedule changes. 

Cyndi asked how long before we are able to use new specification.  Valerie asked Cyndi if there was a particular time line she was shooting for.  Cyndi commented she could get a timeline but by December 11, the next call was feasible.  Valerie mentioned CertificateInfo will have an impact on other people.  She will send draft to Data Commons and then publish draft after the next meeting.  Len cautioned to be careful with “use” when specification is published so it can be referenced.  Valerie added a caution against adopting some of the changes and not the rest of the changes, and then you are not using any version of the specification.  Prasad thought the licensure changes are more likely to be used first.  Amy mentioned they could have a separate discussion offline about timing and versioning with those interested.  


The proposed vocabulary for CertificationStatus and CertificateStatus and the proposed vocabulary for CertificateIssuanceStatus were approved.




  • Valerie and Prasad will update the schema and specification to reflect the revised vocabularies for CertificationStatus and CertificateStatus and CertificateIssuanceStatus and circulate those revisions to the group.
  • Valerie will draft definitions for the group to consider making them more generic and applicable to health professional organizations granting certification.
  • Valerie will integrate the updates to disciplinaryinfo in the specifications.


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