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  • Pending changes, 2014-04-07
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  1. Correct reference to IMED:

    And the description of the InstitutionID element on page 36-37 of the 1.81 spec should be changed here:
    “For example:”
  2. Updating the schema to use the NonNullString datatype provided in common.xsd
  3. Updating the spec and schema to provide a choice for the TelephoneNumber element that allows a NonNullString or a 14 digit telephone number.
  4. SuspendedUntilDate will be changed to StatusValidUntilDate in the spec and schema. (currently this is commented out in the schema. Comments would need to be removed and the element name changed )
  5. The CountryCode will be limited to three integers.(Note; there is a data type defined that does this, CountryCodeType, but it has not been applied to the CountryCode element.)
  6. Image updates (using XMLSpy)
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