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  • 2017-01-10
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Attending: Scott Kroyer, Prasad, Luke, Joel, 

1 Any comments on updates to the API Architecture Document for OData from those who could not make last month’s call.

TSC will review and provide any comments. Valerie has posted. We will leave this open to more input. We can touch base on this again next month.

2 Next steps for possible federated identity work with AAMC.

Any other changes to make before posting? 

Initialing talked about working with AAMC. Valerie will work with Prasad to give Kirke and update to id scope of project and use case. if it is a public API, like list of med schools, or private. Private is more complicated. Talk to Kirke and report back to the TSC.

3 Planning for 2018 

Luke - things that become important lag behind what we are doing. Seeing importance on integrating systems, which is what we have been doing with creating APIs. WAVES is about VPs, making them accessible, using LTI to embed more neatly, and ultimately tracking activity using xAPI. With their partners in Europe, idea of curriculum mapping is of interest, and curriculum mapping between systems. SGUL looking for better bespoke system. Curriculum Inventory important. Medcin important as well. Filtering into other countries they work with. Extension of work that they have done for a while. 

Prasad - have transition going on now. May be direction change in future. 4 of 5 senior leaders changing. Working with bus partners, using same things in specifications. JSON becoming more popular. Testing vendors use XML, but their new APIs are JSON. That is direction they are going. Don;t have a use case for OData yet. They don't design for json or xml. Same end point will work. Consumer can negotiate what they want. API doesn't restrict. Did prototype for OData.

Scott - same themes. using LTI extensively with replatforming. It's launch and single sign on. Deep linking with single sign on. Agree that JSON is ascendant and eclipsing XML. Do have the ability to support XML and JSON. Not bothering to think to much about XML. Individual end points pretty simple. Overall complex. Paging... they do expect to support. Had discussed implementing. May have discovered that none of data volumes support that. Interchange with SIS and Examsoft like systems. Some needs - accreditation requirements for schools. If they could represent those requirements - lofty. in a way that they are algorythmically actionable. Curriculum Inventory, the way things are represented missed opportunity to represent in way easily utilized to derive requirements in comparative way. has the student fulfilled requirements of the curriculum. Clients attempting to leverage data form multiple systems for predictive analytics. One is proscriptive analytics. Which are unlikely to make it all the way through to avoid the debt. Early intervention for students already admitted.The two areas where MedBiquitous may be able to help is around the accreditation requirements and interchange standards with Student information systems and data needed form specialty vendors. Cost of transitioning to new system significant. Vendors not incentivized. Student biographic data, schedules, grade information, exam information, assessment evaluation data, subjective assessments. There are things that could normalize that data. There are things more measurement based. Normalize range of scales. Translate score to common scale.

Joel - private data. Scott agreed. That is easily managed.  

v will send link to the Educational Achievement blog and standard. An API around that may be of interest.

Scott noted they are working closely with Ascend's testing company, ATI. Their products increase NLEX pass rate. For profit schools like this because they can lower admission standards and increase pass rate. 

Joel noted last year the AAMC was interested in working on federated identity. No one was too specific. they wanted to look at OAuth or some proof of concept. We will try to have them join a call. Should we do that within the next couple calls? 

Valerie will see if Kirke can join the February call.

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