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Mapping to Standard; how does the MedBiquitous information Model map to existing specifications and standards?

November 8, 2012


In the summer and fall of 2012, the MedBiquitous Technical Steering Committee began a process of mapping out the MedBiquitous Information Model in order to consider how linked data principles might be used to support or enhance this model. The result is shown in the diagram at:

The TSC then went through a process of mapping the information model to the current MedBiquitous specifications and standards. The diagram for this process is available at:


The light blue boxes are concepts from the information model. In some cases a parenthetical note captures how the concept relates to an element within a MedBiquitous specification.

The dark green boxes represent MedBiquitous standards and specifications.

A variety of line colors, types, and weights are used in an attempt to make the diagram more readable.

  • Institution – red
  • Learner – dark blue dashed line
  • Program of study – pink
  • Performance framework – light green, alternating dash and dotted line.
  • Learning Activity – orange
  • Metadata – maroonish purple, dot dot dash line
  • CECredit – yellow
  • Competency – thick aqua line
  • Comptency Framework – black dashed line
  • Healthcare Lom – army green thick line

There are three types of relationships between information model concepts and MedBiquitous specifications:

AppearsIn – this means that the information model concept or specification appears in the target specification. For example, Institution is a concept represented within the Professional Profile specification, so institution AppearsIn the Professional Profile.

LinksTo – this means the specification requires the XML instance document to link to an XML instance document for another specification or information model concept. The following LinksTo relationships exist:

  • Performance Framework LinksTo Competency Framework
  • Performance Framework LinksTo Competency Object
  • Competency Framework LinksTo Competency Object

Note; the performance framework specification is not yet written, but given the structure of Competency Object and framework, linking is necessary.

MayLinkTo – this means the specification allows (ie this use is optional) the XML instance document to link to an XML instance document for another specification or information model concept. The following MayLinkTo relationships exist:

  • Activity Report MayLinkTo Healthcare LOM
  • Educational Achievement  MayLinkTo Portfolio
  • Healthcare Lom MayLinkTo Competency Framework
  • Healthcare Lom MayLinkTo Competency Object


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