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Meeting Information


August 11, 2016


8 PDT/9 MDT/10 CDT/11 EDT/16 BST/15 CEST

1 AM Friday AEST


Attending: Ellen Meiselman, co-chair; Rob Chadwick, Tom Creighton, Jason Haag, Erick Emde, Valerie Smothers

Agenda Items

1 Review minutes

Erick asked about Ellen’s work with Caliper. She noted that IMS and ADL are now working to align Caliper with xAPI. 


Rob explained that xAPI launch is an attempt to find an algorithm to stop hard coding launch credentials into content. There is no standard way to do this now. They looked into LTI and CMI5. xAPI Launch is a meeting of the two. The user has to log into the launch server. The user requests launching specific content from the launch server. The content generates a key. The key is the UID and URL of the launch server and the launch server end point. The key can be encrypted using the public key for the content. That prevents a user from impersonating the content. The launch server provides the key and cookie to the content and identifies the session. The content sends data back to the launch server. The Launch server sends data to the user’s LRS. The user can have an LRS independent from the launch server.

Ellen noted this is providing pieces of LMS functionality: authentication, activity catalog, user credentials. Can the user request to add content on the fly?

Rob explained that the mechanism by which content is indexed is not part of launch. You could implement so that the user specifies the URL and the launch server creates the record and does the other needed steps.

Erik asked if every course is treated as a separate app. Rob replied yes. There is no way to relate apps in a course. You could do work to link things together. Servers could pass the session cookie and token to keep the same session.

Erik asked about cohorts doing simultaneous work. Is that taken into account? Rob replied that for now, launch is for a single actor. Erik asked if sites could be set up in advance in the launch server. Rob replied yes; the content enrollment could be restricted to the administrator. Erik noted you could write a wrapper. Rob agreed, adding that would require a change in client side code.

3 Timeline for ADL registry and progress  (Vocabulary for new terms under your CoP)  (Vocabulary & Profile)

C How the registry entries would be accessed

i Here's a GET HTTP Accept request (without a browser):
curl --header "Accept: application/ld+json" -L

ii Here's a GET HTTP Accept request (in an html page)

Ellen noted that the ADL registry is ready for use. Ignored and updated are published. We are waiting for some responses regarding what parts of the profile are ready. You can access that programmatically or through a browser.

4 xAPI Conformance & Certification Public Kick-off

 Ellen noted that conformance testing for LRSs should be done by Sep 30. Certification will come later.

Jason noted that the ADL vocabulary service is more of a publishing server. It does not allow people to submit IRIs from other places. They may have registry functionality in the future. They will work on that in this fiscal year. DISC and Rustici are helping to validate what to test. Only LRS conformance is planned for this phase.

Ellen noted that the group decided to use github for drafts and update. She will send people info shortly.


Action Items

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