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Meeting Information


September 29, 2016


8 PDT/9 MDT/10 CDT/11 EDT/16 BST/17 CEST

Attending: Ellen Meiselman, David Topps – Co-Chairs; Paul Bergen, Erick Emde, Tom Creighton, Jason Haag, Andy Johnson, Valerie Smothers and Luke Woodham

Agenda Items

1 Review minutes

The minutes were accepted as submitted.

2 Discuss profile hosting and collaborative authoring using GitHub
ee instructions for creating pull requests here

Ellen noted that collaborative editing of profiles will be done on GitHub. She thanked Jason for his help with publishing the vocabularies for the profile on the ADL vocabulary site .  Because third parties are not able to edit profiles on the ADL registry, we will be posting final versions of profiles on the Tin Can registry. That way if we need to make small changes, we can make them easily.   Jason assured the group it wasn’t a problem to make edits or point to data on GitHub.  He noted that ADL will be working with Rustici to centralize profiles. David noted the Tin Can interface facilitated discovery of new profiles. Jason explained that the ADL registry publishes verbs, activities, and extensions. ADL is conducting research studies around doing better profiles.  Ellen asked Jason to keep the group posted as things firm up.

3 Development process for other profiles – see Profiles and Recipes

David noted that we began with developing a Virtual Patient profile but are at a point where we can begin development of other profiles. There is a lot of interest in scenario-based learning in Europe in particular, and that may offer a logical next steps for development.  Luke added he is involved with the WAVES project, Widening Access to Virtual Education Scenarios, which focuses on scenario-based learning.  He will check with other representatives on the project to gauge interest. Valerie noted it would be a great stepping stone.  Luke will inform the group if the project is within his group’s scope.

Ellen mentioned they are doing an RFP on preceptor reviewed simulation.  David asked for clarification on what that means.  Ellen noted someone is working on either a simulated or standardized patient and having preceptor review performance.  David questioned whether that would be a different profile or whether preceptor-related verbs should be included within mannekin and standardized patient profiles. In addition, the xAPI statement  would need to note whether the data was recorded by a preceptor or mannekin, for example. Ellen noted there could be real world role play as well, similar to military war game simulations.

4 Recap of conversation with DISC

Valerie attached a link from the agenda of the presentation on DISC and the certification process goals. They are looking for turnkey interoperability.  Their very ambitious schedule was summarized on slide 9.  LRS Conformance Requirements Document are due out Sep 30.  Jason confirmed they will be sharing that publically soon.  ADL has an internal test suite in support of their work, evaluating requirements to help improve solidarity of LRS conformance test.  The perspective is that systems can prove some interoperability but real interoperability lies in profiles.  Their upcoming research is aimed at improving profiles.  

5 Overview of CASS project (see )

Valerie briefly described the Competency and Skills System which allows organization A to query organization B for competency assertions about an individual.  xAPI statements provide evidence of learner competency.  Jason confirmed that description accurately reflected the project.  They also want to be able to roll up different algorithms to be able to read different types of competency frameworks, one of those being MedBiquitous competency framework.   

Jason mentioned Robbie Robson has developed demo software to accelerate adoption.  Andy added it removes judgment to make it fully interoperable so other activities can query data more easily.  Valerie questioned the relationship to other collaborators listed on the front page.  Andy noted that ADL joined IMS earlier this year to promote collaboration with their working group; Eduworks is interested in leveraging CASS.  Valerie will follow up with Jono on that.  Tom noted that they will begin integrating with xAPI launch in the near future. 


Action Items

Luke will inform the group if a scenario-based learning profile is within his group’s scope.

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