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Meeting Information


October 27, 2016


9 MDT/10 CDT/11 EDT/16 BST

Oct 28 2 AM AEDT (Melbourne time)

Attending: Ellen Meiselman, David Topps, Co-Chairs; Jason Haag, Andy Johnson, Jeff Korab, Valerie Smothers and Luke Woodham

Agenda Items

Review minutes

The minutes were accepted as submitted.

2 Corrections to the Verb Ignore in Profile (see vocabulary)

Ellen mentioned she submitted this change to ADL and Jason confirmed he made the change.    

3 Calgary project to use xAPI to track use of decision support

David explained the project in terms of assessment and research and in particular, knowledge translation within daily work flows.  The challenge was determining when and why certain tools aren’t used and tracking the “unused” tools.  They will take a series of existing known teaching cases and inject into daily workflow.  Connecting to RedCap and Open Labyrinth provides flexibility to present clinical decisions similar to the workplace and look for changes in behavior.  Ellen asked if physicians are aware of the purpose of the calls.  David commented they know these are not real patients.  Valerie questioned whether cases will be delivered as Virtual Patient or medical records system?  David confirmed the use of medical records system hyperlinked to other resources.  Ellen asked about the determinations made during the study period and David commented they will look at the tools used after six months.  Valerie asked about tracking and comparing clinical actions to expected actions.  David clarified they are determining if physicians used decision support tools and if it made a difference in their clinical practice. 

4 Use of xAPI without LRS - Project to use xAPI with fedora to support clinical guidelines
List of Fedora repositories

Ellen described a project that may use xAPI as a wrapper for a Fedora repository of clinical guidelines. She asked Andy and Jason if DISC was proceeding with splitting xAPI into separate specifications. Andy replied that work was not going anywhere. It may come up when they engage IEEE.  They are considering work to standardize how you create a profile, and it would not include LRS-specific things.  Ellen asked about validation. Andy replied that software could validate a profile. Ellen noted that a healthcare executive suggested using xAPI to grab guidelines from a repository. She will find out more. Valerie asked if others at Michigan were involved.  Ellen confirmed they were and would provide an update at the next meeting.  Jason noted ADL plans to unify and centralize XAPI vocabulary server with Tin Can registry.  

5 WAVES Project and Virtual Scenarios

Luke briefly described the WAVES project.  He will be discussing this with his project team to determine if it is within scope and relevant.  They are looking at the basics of virtual patients and broadening to general scenarios. David mentioned there is ongoing discussion about expanding scope to cover the use of mannequins, and more detailed aspect of Virtual Patient scenarios.  Valerie suggested finding someone to work with Luke that brings a perspective for scenarios and blended simulation.  Luke agreed.   

6 Update on CHES meeting in Vancouver - xAPI demo with twin Arduinos

David described the CHES (Center for Health Education Scholarship) meeting in Vancouver.   They built another machine that uses both Mac and Windows Platforms for stress testing.  He mentioned the researchers liked that it was affordable.   

7 Exploration of xAPI for patient data

Sample verbs:

    1. Died

    2. Survived

    3. Recovered

    4. Relapsed

    5. Withdrew

    6. Rejoined

    7. Remitted

    8. Delivered


FYI: Link to updates on the conformance efforts, the Healthcare xAPI camp and more

Ellen received an email from Jessie asking about using XAPI to capture patient data.  David added the sample verbs that may be useful.  Ellen wondered how this compares to Apple health kit security.  She noted Apple health kit has permissions built in, for others to see patient data.  Valerie asked about integration with medical records system.  Physicians can write a prescription, data can flow back into medical records; use is not widespread.  


Action Items

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