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Use case title: Access learner data , including performance and demographics, and use to direct learning
Author: Valerie Smothers
Organization: MedBiquitous




Access learner data , including demographics, and use to direct learning


learner record store


external system

Trigger event

An external system is designed to use learner data to direct learning, and the learner is engaged with that system.

Sucess end condition

The external system has access to learner data and uses that to direct learning on some way.


The learner is identified to the external system in a manner consistent with the identity used for their data in the LRS.

The external system has access to the LRS, is able to receive XAPI messages, and is capable of reading XAPI messages.

Data governance rules permit learner data transmission.


The learner takes an action within an external system that triggers an LRS query (ie if the system is a recommender, the learner may log in and the system shows them recommended learning, or the learner is engaged in a learning activity, and based on their performance, the system is directing them through the activity).

The system sends a query to the LRS for XAPI data on that learner (will there need to be parameters? What parameters would the LRS enforce for blanket queries? How is data governance enforced?)

The LRS sends XAPI messages to the external system meeting the query criteria and data governance restrictions.


The LRS sends XAPI messages to the external system.


If the learner is not consistently identified to both systems, the data will be inaccessible.

if data governance criteria, rules or other restrictions prevent data from going to the external system, the data is inaccessible.

If the external system can't access the LRS, it cannot direct learning based on learner data.

Potential Standards




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