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We will think of data requirements using the following framework:

Noun Verb Object,


I did this.

We can also add context.

What nouns do we need to capture? What verbs? And so on. So if you want to capture that John Doe, a nurse at NoneSuch Hospital, used the defibrillator in a simulation 20 minutes after the simulated patient started to show signs of arrhythmia ...

Noun = John Doe

Verb = used

Object = the defibrillator

Context = in a simulated setting, at Nonesuch hospital, 20 minutes after the simulated patient showed signs of arrhythmia 

We can capture requirements in a table that breaks it down by noun/verb/object, or we can capture statements that are examples of the kinds of data we want to capture.

See Requirements Table

See sample statements.

See Gap Analysis from Tom Creighton.



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