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  • This working group will develop medical education/development-relevant profiles with the goal of publishing them on broadly accepted sites such as the Tincan Registry and ADL registry

  • For now, we will use Google Docs for authoring and revisions, since neither registry is likely to have collaborative tools for authoring profiles.  Contact us if you would like shared edit access to these working notes.

  • Each profile will be specific to a type of activity, such as virtual patient, mannequins, clinical training.

  • We anticipate that there will be a layered hierarchy of Profiles, with the later more complex profiles building upon the earlier profiles.
  • Our first profile is the Virtual Patient profile because it is relatively easy to define the verbs.  

  • We will keep the scope of the first profile fairly limited, and later evaluate if we want to add notes on how to use the context-activities or results sections of statements to reference competencies.

  • Profiles will contain contextual notes regarding verbs used (ie what initialized means in the context of a virtual patient activity)

  • Profiles will have IRIs. The statement context will point to the IRI of the profile to clarify verb meaning.

  • We will define verbs, when new verbs are necessary, in a manner to be used across multiple profiles.

  • There is now a GitHub repository for version control of Profiles. This is a better mechanism for official publishing of Profiles. 
  • There are some good tips here on how and whether to create a new Profile or Verb. 
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