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Analysis Resources

Competency Application DemoCraig WigginsApplication demo; broken macros and links2014
Healthstream Tackles Tin Can Assessments - Watershed LRSCraig WigginsApplication demo; broken macros and links2014
Review for MedBiq Learning Experience Group re: Common IdentifiersValerie Smothers / David ToppsNotes on xAPI meeting discussing certain issues and resources and applications related to xAPI integration2016
Review for MedBiq xAPI group re common identifiersDavid ToppsSame note as above, but in .rtf format2016
MedBiquitous xAPI WebinarMike HruskaPresentation on building learning ecosystems with xAPI and HPML2015
Constructs problem solutionsHruksa and LongTable defining several constructs; Human Performance Interoperability via xAPI: Current Military Outreach Efforts2015

Transfusion demo checklist

Mich. Medicine NursingExample checklist for competency evaluation2014
Suicide Checklist PAMich. Medicine NursingExample checklist for competency evaluation2014
Chem 7-10 demo checklistMich. Medicine NursingExample checklist for competency evaluation2014
Accucheck demo checklistMich. Medicine NursingExample checklist for competency evaluation2014

Data Requirements

Data RequirementsValerie SmothersExample framework for data requirements2015
Discussion on InactionValerie SmothersConsidering how to report and understand learner inaction2015
Requirements TableValerie SmothersTable of requirements or examples of the kinds of data that they wish to capture2015
Sample StatementsValerie SmothersList of sample statements related to certain use cases2015
Gap AnalysisValerie SmothersGap analysis of a VA code simulation project2015

Important links - need to be checked for brokenness

Profile 2: Human Patient Simulators, Mannequins & task trainers.Ellen MeiselmanProfile from xAPI standard2016
'Mannekins and Medical Simulators xAPI Profile' on GDrive.MBQ Learning Experience WG"This GDoc is heavily commented as a result of our discussions and contemplations so far. It is very much a draft so feel free to edit and tweak. Once we are more comfortable with a reasonably stable version, we can post it to the Medbiq Confluence server. The most important steps in formally publishing it are to get it into the ADL Registry. I believe that ADL would like us to move towards using GitHub at for better version control of xAPI Profiles. But we have some work to do first."2016
Mannequin CHEST verbsAmerican College of Chest Physiciansideas on how the American College of Chest Physicians verbs might translate to what is in our profile.2016
CMI-5 SCMI-5 SpecMrBillMcDonaldcmi5 Specification profile for xAPI2020
Activity Stream verbsJ. Nsell, IBM, et alA base set of object types and verbs for use with Activity Streams2011
Relationship between xAPI vocabularies, profiles, and recipes
Describes relationships between
Tin can registry

Virtual patient registryMBQ xAPI interest group & Virtual Patient standards

xAPI Proposal

version 0.1Valerie SmothersxAPI profile development proposal2015
Version 0.6

Valerie Smothers

xAPI profile development proposal, most recent version2015
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