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Go to start of metadata - Profile 2: Human Patient Simulators, Mannequins & task trainers. -- read-only link to the 'Mannekins and Medical Simulators xAPI Profile' on GDrive.

(This GDoc is heavily commented as a result of our discussions and contemplations so far. It is very much a draft so feel free to edit and tweak. Once we are more comfortable with a reasonably stable version, we can post it to the Medbiq Confluence server. The most important steps in formally publishing it are to get it into the ADL Registry. I believe that ADL would like us to move towards using GitHub at for better version control of xAPI Profiles. But we have some work to do first.) - ideas on how the American College of Chest Physicians verbs might translate to what is in our profile.

 CMI-5 spec:


Activity Stream verbs: 

Relationship between xAPI vocabularies, profiles, and recipes:

Tin can registry: 

Virtual patient recipe: 

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