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Version: xx

Date: xxxx yy, 20yy

Author: xx

Author email: xxx

Profile ID: version control with regards to the profile identifier – you can use this web site for simple working notes, but serious work and proper version control, it is better to use the Github repository at – notes on the Profile authoring process can now be found at 

Version History

Version No.


Changed By

Changes Made




Initial draft





MedBiquitous License and Terms of Use

(Note, Valerie will work with legal to develop a version that is not XML specific)

Acknowledgements (placeholder for later – will list all working group members)

Introduction (explain the need the profile is meeting, it’s scope, the relationship to xAPI, and the relationship to other profiles and or standards. Link to xAPI overview. We may want to reference any important publication tools the profile leverages, or that might be better in the verbs section.Cite the relationship between statement structure and what is possible with analytics.)


Can be categorized by situation type or by activity type, or whatever makes sense in that context. Note that Recipes are a structure which seems specific to the original Tin Can API from Rustici and are likely to be deprecated. 

Basics/Core Recommendations

Recipe-specific recommendations in whatever structure makes sense. suggestions about use of Result, Context or State API, Agent Profile, etc.


Descriptive material that may contain recommendations for what in a virtual patient activity is considered an activity and how it is identified. If activity types are needed, this section can include a list of activity types. At a minimum, if the activity is the VP, we should make that explicit and provide a recommendation as to what to use for the identifier for a VP. 

Sample statements

Could contain human readable versions, then the JSON representation

 Linked Identifiers

  • Verbs 

    • (may contain or reference the verbs used in this profile, their label, description, id, closely related term, and vocabulary. )
  • Activity Types

  • Extensions


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