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We can use the table below to capture requirements, or capture statements that are examples of the kinds of data we want to capture. (Note, this includes requirements reflected by sample statements current through 3/25/15)

Learner (s)UsedMedical deviceFacility
FacultyVisitedActivity node (ie VP)Unit
Preceptor (s)ObservedLearner performing procedure XLevel of performance in relation to a framework
TeamScoredAssessmentRelationship to a competency framework
One would need more detailed info 
on the learner: profession, specialty, institution,
education, experience, trainee status,
shift, or regional network. Org structure?
Relationship of learners
PassedActivity (and descriptive information about activity;
targeted audience, context, and where it was offered;
if it is simulation, what type of simulation; prerequisites,
the system used; competencies addressed; objectives;
assessment methods; learner evaluation of course; facility;
unit on facility.
Relationship to an activity (ie within the course XYZ)
Activity (ie the virtual patient, the mannequin based activity - would be used for triggering alerts, etc.)Failed A Competency ObjectLevel of supervision within a performance framwork
Simulator? ie the manikin?Performed Checklistfor a specific learner (ie Jane Doe)
 Administered Numeric score?using instructional system XYZ
 PrescribedAlert xyz (ie within a sim or vp activity)relationship to an assessment item (when choosing an answer, for example)
 DemonstratedFeedback message xyz (used with received)relationship to an organization (hosted by University XYZ)
 Completedmember of team XYZ (used with is) - note: there are alternates. The statement might be most appropriate for tracking ad hoc teams, If a team is a stable, recurring entity, it may be defined in another time stamp
 Interviewed a patient
(alternately, we could treat as a procedure and have "performed 'patient interview.') 
Answer XYZ 
 recorded (ie video recording)Clinical task/procedure 
 assigned a score/ratedAudio (feedback) 
 triggeredVideo (feedback or demonstration) 
 receivedText (feedback) 
 IsClinical finding/vital sign (ie pulse rate of 130) 

Do we need Identify (as in arrythmia?) 

Ignored is in brown because it is still a topic of discussion.

Items in strikethrough may be able to be deleted based on our discussion of the verb performed.


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