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We will post use cases and scenarios here. For Virtual Patient related use cases and discussion, see Virtual Patient XAPI Use Cases.

See University of Michigan's thoughts on use cases and requirements.

Also, see the VA ACLS scenario for some background on how the VA would like to use XAPI.

I've noted these common themes:

  1. Tracking individual learner activity/resource use and results/performance across systems, sites, and organizations
  2. Tracking team learning activities/resource use and results/performance across systems, sites, and organizations
  3. Track activities that integrate multiple learning or simulation modalities or instances
  4. Track discrete actions within a simulation or clinical experience (integrated into #1)
  5. Track competence assessment data, including preceptor assessment and learner self-assessment 
  6. Track supervisor/faculty feedback or recommendations for remediation based on recorded content 
  7. Tracking supervisor/faculty signoff on competency achievement or non-achievement (integrated into #5)
  8. Associate supporting materials, including video, with individual and group experiences to support formative assessment and activity evaluation
  9. Obtain paradata (activity usage data) for one or more activities
  10. Document demographics for use as paradata
  11. Adaptive learning (part of #11))
  12. Access learner data , including performance and demographics, and use to direct learning
  13. Analyze learning and performance data across systems, sites, and organizations
  14. Track HIPAA protected patient health assessment and related patient education and activities/behaviors

I'm hoping we can build these out as use cases (see template).

Also, see the Nursing Competencies Checklists from University of Michigan.

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