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This is a workspace for defining verbs and verb scope notes to be applied within MedBiquitous profiles of xAPI.

See process for creating new verbs for the mechanics on how to do so,


Verb Template




Closely Related Term




User has opened a case. Sent when the VP case starts to play.

Includes a timestamp and identifier of the node in the VP when playing was started. Most VP cases will have a fixed starting node but this is not always true and is not a requirement for the statement to be true. by working group
CompletedUser has completed the case. Reached a node designated by the case author as an endpoint. Does not indicate success or failure. 
SuspendedUser has paused a case. Suspended a case with the possibility to resume later. 
ResumedUser has restarted a case. Resumed a case that had been previously suspended 
TerminatedUser has left a case and does not intend to resume. Consider how you will be able to differentiate this from ‘abandoned’, 'suspended' or 'completed' because the VP player engine may not be able to determine whether the user is coming back again. 
ArrivedNew verb - see Finding or creating new Verbs or Profiles    
ExperiencedUser has read a document, page or paragraph. Similar to ‘interacted’ but used when the media is static or non-interactive 
RespondedUser has responded to a question. Response to an item or question within a node, without moving off that node. (This is not quite the same as ‘answered’ which implies that the answer is correct.) 
InteractedUser has interacted with or manipulated an object or a video or similar multimedia that provides some sort of interactivity. Similar to 'experienced' for when the media is dynamic, like a video. For more detailed reporting on videos, we instead recommend the use of the Video. 
CommentedUser has contributed to group activity. Used when an actor adds to a group activity for a compound effect. In some ways, this is not different from ‘responded’. But the net effect is different because you are not expecting that the single activity will necessarily produce some result by itself. The object might be a discussion thread. 
IgnoredNew verb - see Finding or creating new Verbs or Profiles    
UpdatedNew verb - see Finding or creating new Verbs or Profiles    
LaunchedVP player engine has initiated an action such as redirecting the user to a new node, or triggered some other activity. This is not an action made by the user. 


Scope Notes

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