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Hybrid/blended simulation group discussion

March 3, 2017

David, Luke, Deb, Rosalyn, Valerie

  1. There may be a simulation profile. I’ve asked ADL about that but heard no response. I pinged Jason again today.
  2. We noted the need to track key steps occurring in different parts of the activity/systems (manikin, preceptor application, facilitator). Key steps may be related to:
    1. Communication
    2. Body movement
    3. Eye movement
    4. Empathy/soft skills (objective representations of… maybe these can be captured as forms of previous items?)
  3. David created the following in google docs


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  1. While it might be interesting and instructive to capture objectively activities such as (b) body movement (using motion tracking, Kinect-like devices etc) and (c) eye movement (using eye trackers such as Tobii), we should recognize that the majority of activity recording in this profile will be human-witnessed. That is, an instructor observing what the learner does and marking a check list.