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  • Obtain paradata (activity usage data) for one or more activities
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Links for use in developing the use case. Erase before final.


Use case title: Obtain paradata for one or more activities
Author: Erick Emde, Craig Wiggin, and Valerie Smothers




Obtain paradata for one or more activities


Querying system (instructional system, virtual patient system, portfolio, hr system, etc)


Trigger event

A learner takes an action that triggers a query (ie learner completes an activity and the instructional system recommends subsequent activities based in part on paradata).

Sucess end condition

The querying system has paradata.


There is paradata being saved in the LRS, ie something to be queried.


Write a step by step narrative description of how the user and system interact to achieve the end goal. This doesn't have to be technical, it just describes what you want the technology to do for you.


What are the important system to system transactions that might require standards?


What happens if things go wrong?

Potential Standards

If a particular transaction points to the need for a data exchange standard, give a general title for that standard here.

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