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  1. This Profile is starting to get outside the realm of simulation altogether, except in its broadest sense. In particular, we will need to consider compound activities i.e. activities where the Verb potentially summarizes a group of subordinate activities, such as: examined, discussed, communicated, reported, interviewed, investigated, treated, managed, advised, advocated, researched, collaborated. 

    Such summary verbs of compound activities can get pretty messy. I wonder if this starts to exceed the scope of what will be measurable in the manner that more basic xAPI verbs are measurable. 

    In considering this, we should also bear in mind Activity Theory, and the work of Leont'ev and Kuutti and a 3 level hierarchy: operations, actions and activities. Classical Activity Theory is a bit too abstract for some of our purposes. However, we do need some way to establish some sort of hierarchy leading from lower level activities towards competencies. EPAs have been suggested as an intermediary step. We need better bridging between Activities and EPAs. 

  2. It may be more practical to address this using an EMR Profile instead. This is currently in early draft on Google Drive and will be uploaded soon.