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  • Use Case: Clinician needs to use a device they have not used in a long time
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Clinician needs to use a device they have not used in a long time


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Clinician needs to use a medical device that they have not used in a long time or maybe ever before.


A doctor, nurse, tech, etc. - anyone involved in patient care.

Trigger event


Sucess end condition

The clinician is able to use the device correctly without stopping to find instructions from a colleague, searching the web, or other time-consuming method.


The clinician carries a web-capable mobile device that can be rapidly accessed. Time-consuming login to the device, waiting for a QR code scanning app to load, etc. are minimized somehow. Assumption: we can get the user's name somehow from the fact they are logged into their device.


When the device is deployed, instructions for use are added to a content management system of some sort, in several formats: text, video and step-by-step audio. A QR code is generated for the URL of the instructions and attached to the device. When the clinician needs to use the device, they scan the QR code, and receive the instructions in whichever delivery mode is most appropriate for them.


statements are sent when the user visits the instructions page, and further recommendations or custom instructions may be delivered based on the person's profile.



Potential Standards

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  1. We use short video clips on YouTube for such activities. We can track, using Google Insight or Analytics or whatever they call it now, how users view this video, where they logged in from etc, which bits of the video were most interesting. This data is also available via the YouTube API (which we have not used yet). 

    It would be good if this kind of data (did the user watch to the end or how much did they watch or how long did they spend on the video?) could be somehow reported back (through xAPI??) to the LMS or LRS. 

  2.  We have a sort of internal youtube for training purposes based on Kaltura, so I'm working on a Kaltura player that will report back that kind of data to our LRS. 

  3. Ellen, have you made any progress on a Kaltura player that reports detailed video analytics? Would love to hear more about how you have approached this and what you have found.