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Use case title


An ID unique within this working group


 Instructional designer wants to track learning that is hosted under multiple hostnames, without the data limitations of AICC and without having to set up reverse proxies or other workarounds for each host.


List the actors involved in this use case. An actor is a system or a role a person might take in interacting with a system. For example, a physician learner could be an actor, or a learning management system.

Trigger event

If there is an event that precedes and triggers this use case, list it here. For example, the trigger event for a point of care learning experience would be "A clinician has a clinical question at the point of care."

Sucess end condition

If the user's goal is accomplished, what is the end result? For example, "The clinician accesses learning that addresses her clinical questions."


If there are any assumptions or prerequisite action that must be taken, list them here. The user having logged in successfully may be an assumption.


Write a step by step narrative description of how the user and system interact to achieve the end goal. This doesn't have to be technical, it just describes what you want the technology to do for you.


What are the important system to system transactions that might require standards?


What happens if things go wrong?

Potential Standards

If a particular transaction points to the need for a data exchange standard, give a general title for that standard here.

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1 Comment

  1. This use case would be of great interest to our group. We have multiple OpenLabyrinth virtual patient repositories here in Canada and in Europe. OpenLabyrinth does allow for OAuth authentication and login. It would be great to report user performance data from the session to a common LRS, for those who wanted to track this stuff across OpenLabyrinth servers. 

    It would allow us as authors to see which cases were most used, which parts of the case were most interesting (or if navigating in circles, which bits are ambiguous or confusing).