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  • Milestones and Entrustable Professional Activities

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  • Competency
    • Subcompetency
      • Background (narrative)
      • Developmental Milestones/Anchors (inherent notion of levels)
        • Elements (ex. truthfulness is an element of trustworthiness) - most elements are observable behaviours
        • Typical time range for achievement
      • References

According to Mulder et al, EPAs have the following structure:

  • Discipline (broader category)
  • Title
  • Description
  • Frequency
  • Domains of Competency (canmeds competencies)
  • Knowledge and skills required (list)
  • Assessment procedure (intentionally out of scope)

EPAs require certain competencies, specific knowlege, or skills. In the pediatrics model, specific anchors may determine when a person is "entrustable" for that activity. In Mulder's model, there are levels indicating decreasing levels of supervision when implemented in the curriculum. An activity is entrustable when a specific level of competence is attained.


Most of the components of milestones and EPAs can be described in the current Competency Object  and Competency Framework structure. Exceptions are noted in Orange. In addition, the relationship that an EPA requires a competency is not something currently captured in the competency framework.