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  • 2009-10-30

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Kim asked the group to review the revised schedule on the wiki. She commented that are that our next call would be November 6. Many group members will be unavailable due to be AAMC meeting. Brownie, Gwen, Pat, and Carol all indicated that they would not be available. Kim commented that we would bring any issues from the November 6 meeting forward to the November 20 meeting. 

3 Introduction of new participants (see working group list*)*

Kim asked the new participants to introduce themselves.


Kim asked John to talk a little bit about the variability among international medical schools. Sean  John commented that people often ask about the quality of different schools in different countries. It's very difficult to generate comparability. Even schools that are attempting to emulate the US medical education system, comparability is quite challenging. A set of definitions might be useful.


Valerie suggested involving a student organization to better get the learner perspective included in our work. Brownie suggested working with the organization of student representatives at AAMC. Maureen agreed that would be good group to include.

Tim Kim summarized that we have more work around data definitions, sharing information, and that we will put full academic load on hold for now. This is consistent with the focus on learner driven use cases. In addition, we will invite student participation. Brownie will identify leaders and OSR. The other group to involve would be the organization of residency representatives. They have gone through similar process and could speak to what would be valuable.