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David mentioned as a follow-up on the action items, there were edits to the form, but discussions will be limited until glossary terms are clarified.  Susan connected Valerie with the general counsel at UNC, and she indicated that they they collect data on spouse or equivalent, then dependent child; no one was looking at parent, sibling, or non-dependent child relationships.  Monika commented in Virginia they are permitted to look at spouse only, not equivalent or domestic partner.  

2 Discuss glossary

Pam and Heather suggested proposed changes to the glossary.  Pam emphasized the need to include all views, and Heather agreed.  Heather mentioned the first initial glossary was pulled from the IOM discussion paper. Additional information came from the preamble on the Sunshine Act.  They tried to determine which terms were not included in the glossary that would be beneficial and which were just statements.  Any overlap or definitions not discussed were taken out. David asked whether every data item will have a single definition consistent for all uses in the repository.  Heather confirmed that and added the terms would be used consistently from disclosure to disclosure. Valerie noted there will be detailed definitions in the specification and will need agreement in the glossary on the conceptual pieces.  Those definitions can be embedded in the data fields of the specification.  Heather commented if there are nuances about the definitions a detailed description is needed.  Steve recommended referencing sources when possible.