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The Curriculum Inventory standard allows schools to exchange data on the learning activities  (called events in the CI standard)  that take place within each course.  This is a straightforward  exercise for many courses.  Clerkship courses ( called sequence blocks for those who are into in the CI standard) may provide a challenge for some schools who have clerkships at multiple teaching sites.  As required by the LCME, the students must meet the same competencies regardless of  clinical teaching site but individual sites may deliver the curriculum in different ways .   For (though methods of assessment must be the same at each site within a given clerkship).  For example, the  content linked to a particular competency may be delivered as a lecture or a small group or by online required cases at three different sites.     Some  In addition, an identical set of competencies may be satisfied using different distributions of outpatient and inpatient experiences for a given clerkship. Some schools are struggling with the notion that this variety must be "homogenized" and  only inaccurately represented as being delivered one way through identical mechanisms across all sites.   The CI Standard Working Group has discussed this at some length.   The  The questions under discussion are 1. is there a way to represent this diversity in the standard? 2. If the diversity is represented in the Standard, can users effectively use the aggregate data? 3.  Is there real utility in allowing schools to represent the diversity to leaning activity across sites?  Tufts feels   Some schools feel that representing the diversity is a more honest way to represent the delivery methods within the curriculum in clerkship courses and that "flattening out" the delivery methods is a loss of information.