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  • 2017-03-28

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Valerie provided an update that NYU plans to track EPA’s in their evaluation and assessment system, but not in their curriculum management systems.  She concluded it may be too early to include in the standard. Terri noted that Oregon, UCSF, Colorado, and UC Irvine are tagging thirteen core EPA’s to their curriculum.   UCSF is tracking 5 Core EPAs. They are not using in a trackable way, but mapping to assessments and student achievements.  Valerie will contact those schools and follow-up on how they are tagging EPA’s to curriculum and suggest presenting to this group.  Hugh added they are tracking locally developed SPA’s mainly for local use. Cindy mentioned ETSU is doing trying it out with 1st and 3rd years.  She added they are looking for automated reporting.  Terri noted two schools were using Tableau to pull data from CMS to create reports.  Susan added a summary of reports with best practices included would be useful.  Hugh offered to provide something describing conceptual integration.