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  • 2017-07-13

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Valerie briefly described the Committee as representing a number of different health organizations involved in CE. The CCCE’s current focus is on REMS CE and learning how to improve performance of the health system with regards to prescribing opioids.  The group reviewed FDA’s blueprints.  One group in particular focused on data collection that relates to work of this working group.  The group as whole put together a response to the FDA blueprint for both extended and immediate release opioids, looking at pain management more broadly.  They had a number of recommendations relevant to work of this group, hopefully shaping the FDA’s thinking moving forward. 

She noted the CCE CCCE is in favor of counting all clinician members of practice teams who successfully complete REMS-compliant CE, which has implications of how we collect our data.  They place less emphasis on prescriber completers and more emphasis on successful completion.  Committee actions listed on page four of the document and a pilot study will be developed in the working group on data collections of learner data to evaluate.  The results of the evaluation will come back to this working group. 


Valerie will schedule another call six weeks out pending OK from CCE CCCE working group.  

4 Discuss what new definitions might be helpful for the expanded blueprint (see current revisions to definitions and proposed blueprint)