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  • 2007-09-05

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Meeting Information


September 5, 2007 


2 PM Eastern 

Attending: Toby Vandermark, Chairperson, Mary Pat Aust, Skip Bartolanzo, Peter Greene, Monica Hanks, Lorena Hitchens, Laura Martin, Carl Singer, and Alyssa ?

Agenda Items

1 Review and approve minutes of last meeting
The prior minutes were reviewed and approved as submitted.


Skip commented that he had a question regarding human readable error messages in the Web services, and he is awaiting a response from Valerie on that. Lorena suggested collecting samples of XML activity reports for CME Certicates to post on the wiki. Carl will follow-up to see if that is possible. Peter will try to code a sample. Mary Pat and Monica think they can obtain a sample Activity Report (XML document) that conforms to the Activity Report schema.


  • Activity report should capture the activity category as a free-text element.
  • Activity report will NOT include a regulatory requirements certificate.

Action Items

  • Peter will explore a potential pilot involving Medscape
  • Peter will code a sample Activity Report certificate
  • Mary Pat and Monica will produce a sample Activity Report certificate