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October 11, 2017




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Agenda Items


Attending: Susan Albright, Hugh Stoddard, Co-Chairs: Terri Cameron, Sasha Cohen, Jennifer Cuthbert, Kristi Ferguson, Walter Fitz-William, Paul Schilling, Valerie Smothers

Agenda Items

1 Review minutes

The minutes were accepted as submitted.  

2 Update from Terri and Walter on uploads

Terri provided a broad overview of the 2016/2017 Curriculum Inventory upload.  The portal closed September 30 but schools are able to extend until October 31.  Thirty schools asked for extensions with four from Puerto Rico (University of Puerto Rico sent before Maria hit). Texas schools were also delayed.  One hundred and six schools verified, twenty-one are in process, so we have a potential of 142 schools, one ahead of last year.  Only 2 Canadian schools submitted. Walter commented we have as much data in the system as the entire 2015 year and the data quality looks as good. There were no outrageous date ranges.  What they are seeing will represent a stronger data set.  Sascha asked Walter to address the change in assessment calculations for the verification table and plans for next cycle.  Walter explained that people were having difficulty lining up the summary table, which included a count of assessment events, to the table with summative assessment events. In trying to reconcile, they mistakenly removed summary and formative assessment events from the summary. They reverted back to the original model and will broadly communicate that.  Walter added that he is working on verification report guide that is both technical and non-technical.  

3 Update on API development (see also TSC minutes and from earlier today)

Valerie has been working on updating API’s with Jon Johnson and Sascha Cohen at UCSF.  Sascha commented they are approaching this from the vantage point of leveraging a REST API implementation model for data interchange.  Within that there are a number of different frameworks to define your data and API development.  They chose one working with Illios, JSON API. The MedBiquitous Technical Steering Committee chose one called OData.  These all provide standardized structure where data interchange can occur.  OData uses metadata typing and is more flexible on manipulating data.  JSON is a much lighter wrap around standard REST protocols. 

Sascha clarified that his colleague Jon Johnson thought one of these frameworks necessary to identify how to handle filters.  Valerie referenced the description of Expectation from link in the minutes, and asked the group if they wanted to get information about Expectation, all expectations for this academic level related to this instructional method.  We may want to have more than one filter.  She cautioned if the group decides not to use one of these specifications to figure it out, then we have to figure it out ourselves which adds burden on us and people implementing specifications. 

Susan wanted clarification on if the group was to agree on Odata or JSON.  Valerie replied that the Technical Steering Committee would provide guidance for the working group to make a decision, relevant to the situation.  The challenge is marrying ourselves to anyone one of these means marrying to the infrastructure that supports it.  Susan asked if there was danger in not being able to implement using three different frameworks.  Valerie didn’t think so.  Susan wanted to make sure what we define and what we request meets the frameworks we choose to allow.  It is easier to be more flexible than to require one flavor or another, because all systems out there now have their own idiosyncrasies.    

Walter mentioned the working group is planning to have a face-to-face meeting at Learn Serve Lead, Saturday November 4th from 4:45 to 5:45 p.m. The room has not been assigned yet.  An email will be sent with location information.  Susan asked if there will be a face-to-face vendor meeting.  Terry replied that they stopped doing that a couple of years ago.  Valerie asked Terri if there were other Curriculum Inventory related sessions to inform this group about.  Terri mentioned the Curriculum Inventory Update meeting will be held on Sunday at 4:45 and Saturday there will be two roundtables. Walter will be doing one with the new Sr. Director as a focus group starting at 11:45 – 1:15  in the AAMC Connect Hall D.  Terri will be doing one on Curriculum Inventory Q&A booth 46 and 47.  There is also a session Medical Education Research Toolkit, 10:30 – 11:45 Sunday, about the AAMC data sources and how they might work together, data for research, or assistance with research ideas.  

4 Open discussion 

Terri discussed the Curriculum Inventory Research group annual retreat and described the three concrete research projects.  1) What is a clerkship. They will be working on the characteristics of a clerkship that distinguishes it from the rest of the curriculum.  2) Changes around instructional methods and looking at what is going on in place of lectures.  3) Life expectancy of curriculum and the barriers to curriculum reform.  They may reach out to schools who fall into a particular data set and may be doing some surveys.  She mentioned some members of this working group may be asked to participate in the projects.  Hugh commented it is exciting to hear how the research group is moving forward.  


Action Items