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  • 2017-10-11 TSC

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joel asked who the drivers of JSON API are. Jon replied it is an open source community effort. Dan Gephardt and yuna Kep Yehuda Katz developed it, both heavy hitters. 


Jon noted OData has more automated support. From his standpoint, it doesn't happen that way. Joel suggested meeting again - he will send some information out between now and the next call. Scott noted that OData is certified. JSON API is not.Joel noted there were multiple possible approaches. Scott added potential variability would not be that different than having XML schemas. Scott noted that using a consistent approach may have less benefits for their teams. the burden will be greater for very small teams. Sascha noted that explicitly calling metadata easily controlled with one that can;t be done in another. some thing might be more feaisble in OData than in JSON API. He leans to not constraining but giving guidance,

2. Possibilities for referencing one or more such specs from our API Architecture