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Joel noted that based on scenario gathering, is accredited, and answer may be yes or no, we want to be non-burdensome. But we also want to give direction to larger APIs with big aggregations where you need to navigate the structure behind the API. That's where JSON API is useful. D not like that JSON API created their own content types. It screws up people doing multipel content types. Jon noted you can send multiple content types with the request. It shouldn't interfere with XML. Joel noted the json api media type is required.Jon rpelied to get json api back, you need to send that  content type. You can indicate yu want json xmo or jsn api, and allow content negotiation to handle. Scott note that for things that are eventually boolean responses, an API for that should be structured so that resource requested is certification. response is no response body, either 200 or 404. OK or not found. Jon agreed. Valerie noted there would likely be more data. Scott commented you could send more data, but not certified would be a 404.

Valerie sent a link to githib. Jon noted they bumped up against how to do filters, noting we should be consistent across specs. Joel asked how the filter would work. Would you specify one or more? Jon replied yes. Joel replied it is an "AND" ; Jon agreed. Joel noted the questions about arrays. Joel asked who the editor was. Sascha noted that with regards to trends, he asked Scott given what we are working with, could you foresee using ODATA or JSON API, making that work, and would one be more effective than the other? Scott replied yes and no. It might make interfacing with other APIs easier. he could foresee moving that direction. The likelihood of trouble free integration would be more likely. he may not extend that to the rest of their API. Sascha asked if he saw benefits or drawbacks to one or the other. Scott replied there is broader support for OData, but he does not have a seasoned opinion.

joel asked who the drivers of JSON API are. Jon replied it is an open source community effort. Dan Gephardt and yuna Kep developed it, both heavy hitters.


2. Possibilities for referencing one or more such specs from our API Architecture