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  • 2017-12-06

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  1. Review minutes
  2. Discussion of a mannekin profile (group) – Profile: 2. Human Patient Simulators, Mannequins & Task trainers 
    1. GDrive folder as workspace? – 
  3. Recap of what the U of M Nursing school is doing with respect to  mannekins and Caliper (E Meiselman)
  4. Charles Touron Introduction
  5. Discussion on tracking behaviors and allowing competencies or best-practices for learners to emerge from the data.

    • Behavior patterns may emerge from the data that will inform our understanding of the thought processes or behaviors of a high- or low-performer.

    •  In online apps, behaviors can be tracked as clicks or nodes, but  in real-life situations, like clinical encounters, it may not be so easy. Question: In the real life medical education or medical activity of your choice how would you track significant behaviors? Not all of them would be part of the activity itself.  Is this something that is already tracked in some manner?  Is there anything you wish you could see that would help in assessment, that isn't currently tracked?

  6. MedBiquitous Call for Abstracts and plenary speaker announcement