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  • 2018-02-15

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  1. Review minutes

  2. Discussion of issues in developing a profile for Mannequin Simulations
    Link to working draft

  3. Generic vs specific verbs

  4. Discussion of the main points  (see Extras below) gleaned from talking about xAPI and Learning Analytics with Kirsty Kitto - List of publications, Research-Bio 

    1. Paper: Recipe for Success — Lessons Learnt from Using xAPI within the Connected Learning Analytics Toolkit

    2. Paper by a colleague of Kitto: Analytics Meet Patient Manikins: Challenges in an Authentic Small-Group Healthcare Simulation Classroom
      (not about xAPI, but relevant to the discussion)

  5. Teamwork Profile – ongoing work on this 
    Link to working draft
    ink to article: Turning Student Groups into Effective Teams

  6. Note posted by Andy Johnson:

    • ADL will be doing more with the profile spec in terms of aiding adoption and mapping it to previously authored profiles in the coming year.