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Summary:  Probably have to use tools that are language-specific.


Summary: Reasonable, not great, in PHP although this environment does not have the more advanced integrated tooling found in .Net and Java.  Clients much easier than providers.


Summary: Not much help in creating providers.  Clients doable. 


  • OData Consumer for Ruby is a good and seemly popular client library for Ruby.  Well documented by Open Source standards. Not clear if it directly supports V4. Donated by Vsoft.  Others are old or not complete.
  • So far, cannot find a recently updated Ruby (or Rails) OData provider.   Several that are older and looked like good starts.

Summary:  Only one good option right now for clients.


Summary:  JavaScript is well supported. 

Objective C

  • Open Source options exist but are few and not keeping up.
  • Apple has no support I can find.

Summary:  Apple does not seem to care.

Documentation Generation

Swagger can be used to generate documentation.  Prasad described on our last call how his team is using it within a Microsoft environment.  The solution he was describing seems to be Swashbuckle -   The OData team also provides a V4-CSDL-to-OpenAPI.xsl that takes a V4 metadata XML file and translates it into OpenAPI 2.0 (Swagger) JSON.