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  • 2018-03-29

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  1. Review minutes
  2. IEEE ICICLE xAPI & learning analytics - -- both Ellen and I have been contributing to this
  3. Update on new Profiles
    1. Teamwork Profile -
    2. Haptics Profile (new) -
  4. UofC PIHPES project – looking for Use Cases
  5. Update from Andy about data visualization and analytics around JSON - postponed
  6. Valerie agreed to check with Jeff, from University of Wisconsin, about doing a pilot with some real use casescases - postponed
  7. WAVES project case. Mr Angermeier – use 'waves' for keyword.
  8. Update from Ellen: Have Sandbox from Watershed with Analytics package, looking for data to use to test it. Also looking for use cases for learning analytics for simulations.


Action Items