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  • 2018-03-29 TSC

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Joel noted we could look at these ideas at the face to face meeting at the conference. Kirke asked about the use case for the curriculum inventory. Valerie explained it is about integrating the educational ecosystem. Kirke noted he ran across an API where the request required pre-processing, The response would say check back later. When you checked back, you would get the final payload. Having that accounted for would be useful. Joel asked if that is because the data is archived. Kirke noted that if it is a custom request, it may take 15 seconds to assemble. Without a check back later note, it would time out. What is the pattern for handling? Jon agreed. Joel commented we would need to discuss.Valerie asked where he ran into it. Kirke responded in board game geek. You can harvest a catalog of the data. It may be a big payload, 5 mb. Assembly takes time. Jon noted in Ilios if you generate a report, turning it into the XML takes time. They do the same thing. Jon noted they provide a link where the data can be accessed when it is ready. Kirke noted as a first pass, either approach would work.

Joel summarized:

  • For now we will not reference any sophisticated API for restful services like OData.
  • We will keep things as simple as possible. We'll try out approaches and implement practices across MedBiquitous APIs.
  • We will have examples to look at by the annual meeting.

Kirke added that if the program data happens expeditiously, we aren't waiting.