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Get a List of All


School/Program Data (General comment - let's use more neutral language, so that this could be used by any health professions school or program)




Get a List of All Medical School/Program Data


Medical School Data Consumer - app, website, BI tool, etc

Medical School Data Provider - AAMC, FAIMER, etc

Trigger event

A user or system requests a list of medical school/program data maintained on another system.

Success end condition

The Medical School Consumer receives a list of the data the consumer is authorized to receive for medical schools. (Are they getting a list of all schools or data on all schools?)


The medical school consumer has access to the medical school provider.


A third party user or system (medical school consumer) wants a list of all medical schools.

That user or system makes a request to the system that maintains the list of schools (medical school provider).

The maintaining system returns the list of schools to the third party user or system.


Requesting a list of school data from another system.



Potential Standards

Medical School Data

Medical School Data Application Programming Interface (API)